Where to Study Spanish in South America

At the beginning of March I arrived to Colombia all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so excited to take on a new city and country. Upon arrival, the extent of my Espanol ended at hola, sí, gracias, por favor, and yo quiero Taco Bell. However, I’ve travelled all over the world where I haven’t know other languages … Continue Reading

12 Can’t Miss Experiences in Medellín

A city once known as the most dangerous place in the world, has recently undergone an incredible transformation, and people are flocking from all over to see for themselves. I swear you could spend a year in Medellín and still not get to see, do, and experience all that this incredible city has to offer, … Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Colombia Immersion is Perfect for Solo Travelers

To me, solo travel is all about challenging yourself, growing as an individual, stepping out of your comfort zone, and opening yourself up to new experiences and to new people. So when I came across the Colombia Immersion Spanish School, I knew I had struck gold. Check out the below 5 reasons why Colombia Immersion … Continue Reading

14 Things I LOVE in Envigado

Envigado is a town located 10kms south of Medellin, and the locals here will be sure to let you know that they aren’t from Medellin, they’re from Envigado. They say Envigado is better because it has everything a city needs, but is calmer and more relaxing than Medellin, so they’re able to enjoy life more. … Continue Reading

Colombia Immersion Spanish School: The Full Review

Colombia Immersion is an unconventional Spanish language school in Medellin run by a team of passionate, language lovers from all over the world that live by the school’s methodology of Learn, Practice, Apply. They believe that learning a language is like learning how to dance. You can study it in a classroom and read all … Continue Reading

Guatapé: The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Medellín

Medellín is up there for top favorite cities, but after three weeks I was ready to trade the harsh fumes and hectic nature of the city for the fresh air and tranquility of nearby Guatapé. The ride into Guatapé is reason enough to visit, with beautiful farmland and rolling green hills spotted with cows & horses … Continue Reading

Best Places to Stay in Medellin: From Peace & Quiet to Trendy & Hip

So you’re planning a trip to Medellin? Excellent decision, as Medellin is an incredibly special place that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. In fact, I could 100% live there. So the next step is figuring out a place to stay. Are you looking to relax and feel at home? Are you looking to make … Continue Reading