When I Fell in Love with Travel: As Told By Female Travel Bloggers

Have you ever wondered how globetrotters fell in love with traveling in the first place? For me, I think back to one specific life-changing experience that sparked my love affair with traveling the world. This first experience eventually led me to quit my 9-5 job to move across the world and ultimately led me to … Continue Reading

Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat: The Full Review

When I first heard about the Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreats, they had never run one before. There were no reviews, testimonials, or alumni to ask questions to. I mean, it all sounded great: one week at a luxury villa in Bali, daily yoga, sunset dinners, photo shoots… but I thought to myself, am I really … Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why The Travel Community Never Ceases To Amaze Me

There’s something magical in traveling, and a lot of that magic lives in the people you meet along your journey. Maybe it’s the open-mindedness you get from experiencing different cultures and ways of life, or the soul cleansing power of seeing the breathtaking natural beauty of this world. Whatever it is, I was blown away … Continue Reading

Why I Quit My Jobs & Moved Across the World

It’s not that I hated my 9-5, in fact it was an awesome job in e-commerce fashion working with some really great people. But after three years working over 60 hours a week at my office job plus waitressing at night, I realized that I was working so that I could travel. Every bit of money … Continue Reading

The Travel Experience That Changed My Life

Last week I got my first tattoo. It is a concept I have contemplated for the past four years, and decided now was a better time than ever to finally follow through with it. And what better place to get it done than in Hermosa Beach; a place that holds the memory of a very special … Continue Reading