adjective & adverb

  1. for or done by one person alone; unaccompanied, in particular:
  • a solo trip
“she had the most epic, solo trip of her life”
  • a solo traveler
“she is a fearless, solo female traveler”
synonyms: unaccompanied, single-handed, unescorted, unattended, unchaperoned, independent


  1. perform something unaccompanied, in particular:
  • undertake a solo trip

“she soloed the s*&$ out of that trip”


To me, if there’s one word to describe solo travel, it’s EMPOWERING.

As scary as it may seem at first, solo travel is the single most liberating, confidence-boosting, life-altering thing I’ve ever done, and has shaped me into the fun & fearless female I am today.  


Are you next?


I believe that every woman should go on at least one solo trip in their lifetime. The benefits are endless, but here are 4 standout reasons:

  1. You’ll discover a new found-confidence in yourself
  2. You’ll face challenges and come out a stronger person
  3. You’ll feel a profound connection with yourself, others you meet along the way, and the rest of the world
  4. Overall, you’ll become a more independent, fearless female


How can Wanderluluu help you?


By taking the guesswork out of travel, and providing ultimate travel guides to worldwide destinations, it is my goal to make solo travel less scary and so much more attainable.


I’ll share with you the invaluable information I gather from my travels like:

  • Where to stay
  • What to do
  • How to get around
  • What to pack
  • How to stay safe
  • What you CAN’T miss
  • What you CAN miss
  • Top solo travel tips


Solo travel is as much to do with getting to know and understanding yourself as it is getting to know and understanding the rest of the world. There’s a fun & fearless female in all of us. Let Wanderluluu help you bring her out for the whole wide world to see!

Wander On,

Wanderluluu xx



I have often considered traveling alone, but have never really done it although I have travelled a lot. I am kind of shy when I am alone, so I would tend to not communicate much. I’m afraid of acting like that. I am in Medellin ,Colombia at the moment.


Hi Karen!
Well, I am here to be your guiding light!!! I actually think that solo travel can be a great thing for a shy person because it forces you to communicate with other people…and typically it happens naturally! I’ve made really great connections in hostels and family-owned B&Bs where communication with other travels is encouraged. Medellin is especially a great place to solo travel because there are SO many other travelers and expats to meet. Other great ways to start conversations with people: asking someone to take your picture, chatting with someone at a coffee shop (TONS of cafes in the Laureles neighborhood), going on a walking tour (there’s a great one I talk about in this post) and my favorite – attending a language exchange (there’s a GREAT one tonight at the Colombia Immersion Envigado campus. You can also check out events going on at Ondas Hostel…all of this info is in my Medellin posts!)
I believe in you, Karen!! 🙂


Awesome to see another solo female travel blogger! I love your message on empowerment and travel really does change your life!


Yay for the solo female travel tribe!!Thanks for the kind words – always happy to meet like-minded travelers! <3


Hey Lauren, not sure if you know this but there’s not an option or way for someone to post a comment and then sign up to get notifications on anyone who comments after them. I just happened to be checking your blog and saw this comment!

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